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Homeobotanicals (sometimes known as HomeoHerbs or Hbs) are a powerful, synergistic blend of organic herbal combinations in liquid form, potentised homoeopathically and selectively chosen to target specific organs and systems in our body.  

These holistic remedies clean out our body of all toxins ingested, inhaled and absorbed, leaving our body capable of functioning more efficiently.


By helping your body to detoxify, they help nourish and build up your immune system helping you to balance your system helping you to  achieve a sense of health, vitality and well-being.


As a core therapy Homeobotanicals can be used alongside homeopathy or others, or on their own.

They can be combined with flower essences for additional emotional support, and can be used in conjunction with any other form of healing technique to enhance vitality and accelerate recovery.




How they work

Homeobotanical Therapy  A new way to heal.   Prescribing with power and precision


Homeobotanicals are a powerful, synergistic blend of organic herbs in liquid form, potentised homoeopathically and selectively chosen to target the organs and systems of the body.


Detoxification is often the first step in the therapeutic process (esp. for chronic conditions). When the toxins have been removed a nutritional blend of herbs is again individually selected to encourage the body to regain homoeostasis (balance).


Acute conditions respond very quickly to these remedies, supporting the immune system and accelerating the healing process.


Chronic conditions respond at a more measured pace, according to the duration and severity of the disease or imbalance. Asthma, eczema, bowel problems, poor vitality due to toxin build-up, arthritis, hormone imbalance (and all the distressing symptoms that causes), allergies and so much more. In many instances, once the toxic load has been taken off the organs, the body will heal itself and no further intervention is required.

Homeobotanical Remedies help relieve the symptoms of many health conditions, including:-


Asthma, breathing difficulties,  anxiety, sprains, strains and bruising, falls, knocks, shock, allergies, hay fever, tiredness,food intolerance, PMS, fertility, menopause, period pain, all pain, mood swings, migraines, spasms, colic, bloating, coughing, colds & flu, forgetfulness, brain fog, insomnia, lack of energy, nausea, bowel issues, rheumatic pain, arthritis, heartburn, stomach upsets, varicose veins,  piles to name just some.


It is important to remember that this is NOT Herbalism and it is NOT Homeopathy but rather a extraordinary combination of the two healing disciplines.



Homeobotanical remedies have four distinct actions within the body:

  1. Physical action which includes organ drainage or the stimulation of release of toxins from specific areas of the body.

  2. A  Nutritional component which assists in the assimilation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients in ones diet as well as providing a rich combination supplied by the herbs themselves.

  3. A synergisticaction which supports and reinforces whatever other healing techniques are being employed as Hb's maintain balance within the body.

  4. A dynamic action arising from homeopathic potentisation, this enables the remedies to directly stimulate healing within the body

The low potency adopted produces a gentle, sustained response resulting in remarkably few problems even in sensitive people.


Homeobotanical remedies cover a comprehensive range of conditions. All remedies are mutually compatible and can be mixed in an infinite variety of ways to restore health.

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