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CK London

"Carolyne continues to help our family in so many ways. She is compassionate beyond words with elderly people who are complex in physical, emotional and psychological ways.  She has helped with burnout as well as dealing with a range of physical ailments from sprains to chilblains.   It is always a pleasure to engage in our sessions and we have come through a lot with her.  I have to say, this is incredible work."

Peter – aged 79

"In June 2015 I was bitten on the leg  by an insect (probably a Horsefly). After numerous visits to my G.P and several courses of antibiotics and creams it slightly improved..but by December it had become very swollen,inflamed and weepy,which despite more antibiotics did not improve. In March 2016 I contacted Carolyne who prescribed various homeopathic remedies, having had a scan revealing Lymphoedema.

My leg is now  back to normal, and I cannot thank Carolyne enough."

DC – Mother & events organiser

"I am really proud of us and also very grateful. We all want the best for our children, and it gives me great pleasure to see them happy and healthy. A part of that is also thanks to you :-)"

"I am really happy to have found Carolyne. I followed my gut feeling and decided to look at alternative options to treat my daughters allergy. We suspected a milk allergy but all tests showed negative. Still she was constipated and had eczema, so the doctor prescribed her lactulose (made out of milk sugar)  No harm said the doctor, but the situation didn't resolve.  Carolyne looked at the bigger picture, studied her history and gave her an alternative remedy. Within 2 weeks both the eczema and constipation were gone.


Second daughter seemed to have an allergy as well, so we cut out all the allergens, without any result. She was seriously suffering from eczema and diarrhea. We came to see Carolyne, who gave us some remedies and we found that within a couple of weeks all the complaints had disappeared.


We were all a bit skeptical to start with, but now whenever there is something going on within our family, Carolyne is our first resource."

CK - Mother

"Carolyne has been an absolute godsend in our lives with my son's eczema when he was a baby. I was referred to Carolyne by a mutual friend to assist with his treatment. To be honest, I was not that familiar with homeopathy but given the stage we were at, I was prepared to give anything a go. It is hard to be in Carolyne's presence and not feel her passion for what she does. She also passed on such great homeopathy knowledge to myself that helped me treat him with common childhood illnesses such as cold & flu etc.  Carolyne treated him from nine months of age until he was two, we then migrated back to Australia. During this time her treatment alongside other therapies I was conducting rid Joshua's body of eczema. My son is now nearly 7 years of age and I'm pleased to say that the eczema has never returned.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Carolyne!!"

DM 70

"What can I say about Homeopathy and Carolyne- She is so caring and knowledgeable -everything she has treated me for has cured the problem - and nothing is too much trouble. Homeopathy is fantastic- no side effects, only the wonderful feeling of being well again."

ST Male 56 – writer


"You may have been led to believe that homeopathy doesn’t work; that the remedies contain nothing whatsoever and that any positive reaction to them is simply a result from the placebo effect. If so, I suggest you ignore whatever you’ve heard or read and think again.

I have been under Carolyne’s watchful eye for a while now. Last year in the USA I was bitten by a tick, which buried itself under my skin. The area was cauterised, but continued to swell for many months. Upon starting Carolyne’s treatment odd things started to happen. Bits of insect floated to the surface of my skin – legs, like small spider’s legs, and all kinds of black bits and pieces. All the swelling and irritation around the area subsided. The treatment also had a positive emotional effect on various phobias that I’ve been carrying for a long time, none of them related to insects.

I can also strongly recommend her jetlag remedy. Two trips to and from New York, and no jetlag whatsoever. This is something truly wonderful."

MT - Advertising and Production manager and mother


Headaches and allergies

"I started seeing Carolyne after meeting her at Neal’s Yard.  She gave me very helpful advice for a friend who was recovering from surgery that included breaking and re-fixing a bone.  The doctors’ were astonished about her rapid recovery.  I started to see Carolyne for severe headache that I have on the first and second day of my period.  These severe headaches started after I gave birth to my son.  Carolyne sourced a remedy for me that solved my headaches for months in a row.  She continues to work with me for my allergies and general liver health. She is understanding, lovely, funny, committed and dedicated to her profession.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."  

PH - Male Businessman


"Since being treated by Carolyne Hallett, I have experienced a general improvement in my overall health, both physically and emotionally. Carolyne always responds to changes I report with a practical sensitivity towards my overall process. When considering her response, it is always evident that she listens thoughtfully and looks at the bigger picture, before advising on treatment. Carolyne has always advised treatments aiming to bring about enduring change, whilst showing consideration towards my day-to-day sensitivities. Her manner is both friendly, trustworthy and professional."

JK - 49 - Housewife, Mother & chair of PTFA


"I had always been somewhat sceptical about homoepathy and its beneficial effects.  However, after a bout of debilitating illness last year, I decided to try it and was extremely fortunate to have met Carolyne Hallett.  I have now been seeing her for over a year, and there is no way I can deny how helpful this has been for me on several levels.


Symptoms I presented with when I first met Carolyne are significantly improved, if still present at all.  I feel infinitely better in myself each time I see her – just from spending 45 minutes to an hour with her.  Perhaps somewhat selfishly this could be because that time is focused on me!  But the benefits are clear - there have been marked improvements for me both physically and psychologically.


I would recommend everyone to try homeopathy – and with whom better than Carolyne.  She’s a gem and I feel very lucky to have had the chance meeting I had with her.  She has improved my life significantly during the past year.  Thank you Carolyne."

CL - Female - Retailer


"I would like to thank carolyne for helping with my recent eye problem. I was diagnosed by my GP with a cyst on my eyelid. There was no improvement after taking a course of antibiotics, and I was told minor surgery was the next step.

However thanks to a brief course of 2 remedies within a few days of taking them the cyst halved in size and no longer felt sore.

Having continued treatment for a further few weeks the cyst has almost gone and when I attended my appointment at the eye hospital I was told surgery would not be necessary.

I am very pleased and would like to thank Carolyne for her help."

HC - Female - Career woman


"Homeopathy has helped me gain control of my life in many ways. It has helped me understand my body and know what I am feeling when I am feeling it and how to deal with it naturally rather than by suppressing it with allopathic treatment, and living your life with instant gratification.

Apparent physical changes are - I have a normal, almost clockwork cycle, and my immune system is stronger - these being the 2 predominant reasons for me seeking treatment."

MC - Female - City worker


"In the summer of 2004 I developed a very painful skin condition which manifested in swelling and aching. I went to the Doctor who did various blood tests but could find nothing wrong. He eventually referred me to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with 'vasculis urticaria'. I was put on steroids for a month and advised to take an anti histamine every day. The steroids worked a treat and I was fine, but as soon as they were finished, my symptoms came back with a vengeance! In absolute desperation, I turned to homeopathy and have not looked back since. In just over a month my skin problems were gone and I was feeling healthier all round. I have since used homeopathic remedies prescribed by Carolyne and on her advice have reduced my caffeine intake, cut out sweeteners and various other toxins. I recently had my first baby and once again the homeopathic remedies and tissue salts helped throughout my pregnancy and recovery. I am healthier and happier than ever before and feel good knowing that I am no longer unwittingly poisoning my body. I would recommend seeing a homeopath to everyone."

IA - Working mother

"I am a 30 year old mother of a toddler and I would like to share my experience with Homeopathic treatments with anyone else that is not been 100% satisfied with conventional medicine: My son, Eddie, was born with eczema and his immune system wasn't strong enough so he keep catching colds now and then.


Since I start using the gentle homeopathic treatments, the eczema has disappear for good and his general health has improved so much that he is a completely different child.

Therefore, I did started using similar treatments to improve my physical and mental health.

I strongly recommend anyone to avoid conventional medicine as it doesn't really help your body and also recommend Homeopathy as a life style. Good luck" 


Male came with hyposplenic diagnosis & was told he would be needing antibiotics long term:

"My homeopathic treatment has allowed me to avoid the use of traditional medicines through cleansing my body and strengthening it's physical resources.  This has led to continued stability in mood, energy, psychological and emotional fluctuation.  The homeopathic process, and it's valuable support, allows me to trust my own resources  and mind-body awareness."

Busy, Working Mother

"Carolyne is not only a wonderful human being, warm, sensitive and attentive, she also works magic with her remedies. My son Hector, 3 1/2, is a very energetic little boy who was also a little scattered and was finding it hard to canalise all this energy. After a few weeks of remedies, we came to see a little boy, still very much himself but calmer and more focused. Even his teachers at school noticed the change. Amazing!"

J.H - Male - Professional - 59

"I met Carolyne one afternoon as I was looking for my self-prescribed medicines. This happened after years of being checked by different doctors, who never gave me much hope. I was told several times that there was nothing they could do, so I had to live with this sensation of coldness, that for years I've had, on my left shoulder blade.I explained Carolyne my symptoms and she recommended I could try a blend of pills she would prepare for me. I can honestly say that those pills have improved my condition and I feel much better now.

Carolyne is a very dedicated person and she has followed my case showing great interest and professionalism and willingness to help.
I would sincerely recommend her and homeopathic medicine to anyone."

VC - female - photographer & mother

"I visited Carolyne for general health for myself and my 3 children. I have always been terribly impressed by Carolyne's expertise but wasparticularly impressed by her treatment of a fairly large subcutaneous cyst,which Carolyne successfully treated. I had been advised by the medical profession that I would need facial plastic surgery to remove this cyst. Carolyne treated me over a period of 3 months to remove
this cyst."

MF-32 yr old male-manager

"After a particularly difficult family Christmas and stress in work I began to have various symptoms such as a dead arm, dizzy spells and high anxiety. Even the smallest problem seemed magnified and my confidence was at an all time low. After a while I started to collapse and ended up having an MRI scan. The doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressents, which was something I was opposed to. A friend referred me to Carolyne and the changes have been amazing. Carolyne is very attentive, approachable and extremley supportive but also proactive in the remedies she prescribes. Each session is very holistic and the remedies I received suited different symptoms. I feel much more positive and energised and have even got a new job and my ability to deal with life's tribulations has improved ten-fold.

I would thoroughly recommend Carolyne to anyone"

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